Friday, 30 May 2014

The Five Face Challenge Part 2

So, you'll know if you've read Part 1 that I've been tagged in The Five Face Challenge by Lou from Lou Loves Beauty. I had it all planned until I had a small accident with some vodka and a styling wand....

Being the trooper I am, I've changed my products here's the final result.

The rules for The Five Face Challenge are as follows:
1. Use five and only five products to create a complete makeup look.
2. Each product counts as 1 product (multi-purpose products count as 1 product such as Benetint, Bombshell the One Stick, Nars Multiple Stick).
3. No pallettes are allowed. No trios, quads or multi-shade pallettes.
4. Tag five others to complete the Five Face Challenge.
5. Have fun!

Product 1

Surprisingly enough I started with concealer. My concealer is from the B. range at Superdrug, I've been using this for a while and I find it does the job when I've had too many late nights. It's also very reasonably priced which always a bonus.

Product 2

Then onto foundation. I don't use foundation very much, my skin is a bit sensitive and too much product upsets it but when I do need more coverage I use Instant Light Complexion Perfector from Clarins. I stumbled across this thanks to a very good sales lady at my local Debenhams. It's not the cheapest in the world but it's the best I've ever used.

Product 3

Time for the eyes and my go to for normal everyday makeup is always my trusty brown eyeliner. As you can see, mine is a bit battered! I've repurchased this a few times from Rimmel, I love the colour on me and I use it as eyeliner on my top lid and occasionally if I'm feeling brave I'll use to it to define my eyebrows.

Product 4

I'm a sucker for a mascara but Maybelline Big Eyes is by far my favourite at the moment. I've got stumpy eyelashes and this mascara is brilliant for length, being waterproof it also means that it stays on the eyelashes rather than under them. It also has a separate applicator for upper and lower lashes which quite frankly is a revelation!

And the result: 

Product 5


Last and by no means least, I'm back Maybelline for my lips. I've been using their Superstay 24 hour lip colour for a few months and I'm a bit partial to the Forever Heather colour. It does have good staying power, no idea if it lasts 24 hours but it'll last me a working day. 

And the finished look is:

And yes there were many photos taken before this one.

Including this one:

I may have got a little bored....

Now to the nominations...
2. Simone from Thirty Something OAP
3. Kim from Whimsical Mrs W
4. Petra from Pieternella
5. Kristen from Every Beauty Talks

If you do accept the challenge tweet me your posts to @rantingsoflard so I can see them!

So there you have it, my first makeup post and it wasn't that bad afterall. 

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Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Five Face Challenge Part 1

Oh no, I've been tagged in a make up challenge.....

Now, regular readers will notice I've never mentioned makeup before, I do use makeup (more now I'm in my mid early thirties) but I wasn't sure I could give a makeup post justice - there are some cracking beauty blogs out there. And then my lovely friend Lou from Lou Loves Beauty tagged me in the Five Face Challenge.

I'll be honest, at first I thought that if I ignored it, then it would go away. Lou clearly knows me far too well and soon enough, a tweet appeared "I've tagged you in a post, have you seen it?". Yes yes I've bloody seen it.....after much cajoling I said I would do it. I've got a week off coming up, I'll do it then cos I'll have the time to take 400 photos of myself only to publish 2.

So my week off arrives, I'm trying to cram a lot of stuff in. I need to see my mum, friends that I haven't see for ages, go out Bank Holiday Sunday (it's the law), do some studying, get some blog posts done (this isn't the only tag I need to do) and all this is culminating with a trip to my hairdresser and friend Lou on Friday afternoon. the more I thought about it, the more I thought - I can do a makeup post, I can open up my makeup bag for scrunity, I'd even decided products I was going to use. And then this happened:

I refer you back to my to do list for the week. Remember how one of the things was to go out Bank Holiday Sunday? Let me make a recommendation, don't use a styling wand when you have had an alcoholic drink. Or indeed several drinks. I swear it only touched my skin for a half a second but this is what my forehead looked like this morning 3 days later.

Needless to say, my list of products has changed....

It's Wednesday today (just about), tomorrow I need to study! Which leaves Friday morning to get this done before I go and see Lou. I feel like I should make the effort to get this done before then.

Time is running out, I need to study tomorrow, I have to go shopping Friday before seeing Lou (by have to go shopping, what I mean is that it's payday), I can't stop picking the scab on my forehead, will 5 products be enough to cover it? will I get it done on time? Who knows?

To be continued....

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014


The other day after some furious beeping I decided to treat the car to some petrol. The first petrol station on my route was Tescos so in I went. After squeezing my way past people who couldn't decide what queue they wanted to be in, I filled up Fenton (yes my car has a name) and went into the shop.

When it's my turn to be served the lady behind the counter stares at me until I walk over.

"Hi, pump 4 please" I even manage a smile.

She did not smile.
She didn't even look at me.

"So, I tried this and I tried that and it still didn't work. That's £50."

Oh so not only do I not get a greeting but you're so busy chatting away to your work mate that you appear to have forgotten the word please.


Card goes in the machine, pin goes in, card comes out. Meanwhile she's still blethering away to her mate and has barely looked at me.

She hands me my receipt and the damage is done so I don't say thanks, I just walk off.

"Thank you. Yeah THANK YOU!"

Now it should be said at this point that I did not wake up in the best of moods. The numpties that couldn't pick a queue and now little miss rude did not help.

"Hang on a minute, you spend the whole of my transaction speaking to your mate with no manners whatsoever and now you want a thank you from me? Er no actually. No. Not for you."

It was worth it just for the look on her face.

I don't ask for much - please, thank you and a smile if you can manage it. I've worked in retail, I know it's not easy to be happy and smiley all the time but don't have a go at me for a not saying thank you when you don't have please or thank you in your head. And if you're serving, don't have a full blown conversation with your mate - that's just rude!

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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Photo Post

This is my third photo post, I'm thinking that I'm going to do them once a month. You can find the other two here and here.

April brought Easter and it turns out I'm not too old for an Easter egg - thanks Mum!

 Easter also meant a few Good Friday drinks with Lou from Lou Loves Beauty go take a look at her blog, it's fab

These are from one of my favourite views near where I live

And this month's photo post starts with chocolate and ends with cake! And yes it did taste as good as it looks!

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